Fishburne Key Club, Adopt A Family USVI Send Essentials to Families in Virgin Islands

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Cadets at Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro are stepping up to provide relief to the thousands of families who are still without electricity in the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma struck two months ago.

Members of the Fishburne Key Club are teaming up with the Adopt A Family USVI project to send essential supplies down to displaced families in the Virgin Islands.

“They’re going through an awful time, and we definitely need to help them,” says Phillip Griffin, Fishburne Key Club’s lieutenant governor.

The Fishburne cadets are calling their efforts Operation U.S. Virgin Islands Relief.

This undertaking is part of a larger project started by Fishburne alumnus John Jureidini and his wife.

“We estimate we’ve sent down 40,000 boxes – like the boxes you see in this trailer so far – I mean that’s over 300 tons of supplies so far,” says Jureidini.

Their project, Adopt A Family USVI, calls on U.S. families to donate a box of essential items to a family in the Virgin Islands.

So far 27,000 families have been “adopted.”

The Jureidinis lived in the Virgin Islands for 10 years and have a number of friends still living there.

“The amount of devastation is unprecedented, and so you have folks down there that literally have nothing,” says Jureidini.

When Jureidini reached out to his former school to enlist cadets in this operation, he knew he could depend on them.

“This school produces gentlemen that do this type of work and do this type of community service on a regular basis,” says Jureidini.

The products collected and packed by the Fishburne cadets will be driven down to Florida and shipped to Saint Thomas by the United Way.

But this mission is still far from over.

“If we can just keep this thing going through the holidays, and make sure these hurricane-stricken folks can have some kind of decent Christmas – I think that’s gonna go a long way,” says Jureidini.

Adopt A Family USVI plans to continue its donation efforts into 2018.

The Fishburne Key Club members say they will continue to aid in that effort in any way they can.

To donate or learn more, visit Adopt A Family USVI’s website.